Chrissy Teigen trying to scoop up spilled breast milk is every pumping mama ever 4 years ago

Chrissy Teigen trying to scoop up spilled breast milk is every pumping mama ever

Every mama who has ever struggled with milk supply and/or had to use a breast pump will know this: Sure, there is no point crying over spilt milk – unless that milk in question is breast milk.

In which case, we all weep.

Those hard-got drops are liquid gold, don't ya know.

When you're working so hard to make sure your baby gets your breast milk, you don't want to lose a drop, and we all know this feeling, no matter who we are. Most recently, celbrity mama-of-two, Chrissy Teigen, documented her drama with spilled breast milk on social media – and we are relating so hard.

The mum of two posted a video Wednesday showing her efforts to rescue breastmilk from a tabletop. She used various utensils and a syringe to try to get the milk back in the bottle.

"I spilled my breastmilk and this is how important it is in this house," she says in the video while suctioning up milk with what appears to be a baster.

And followed up with:


Teigen, who is mum to Luna, 2, and baby Miles, has been open about the fact that milk supply has always been an issue for her, not just with baby Miles at the moment, but with Luna, too.

"I actually loved [pumping] because I'm a collector of things, and so when I found out I could pump I [did it] so much because I knew the more you pumped, the more milk you'd make," she told POPSUGAR back in March. "So I loved collecting my breast milk and seeing how much I could get, even if it was very, very little."

The model mama and cookbook author has been very public about the fact that she pumps a lot as a working mum.

(Feature image via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram)