Tristan Thompson gets attacked online for 'cheating' on Khloe while she was pregnant 4 years ago

Tristan Thompson gets attacked online for 'cheating' on Khloe while she was pregnant

The shade.

You may or may not remember, but Khloe Kardashian had a baby there awhile back.

It was a pretty nice time for her considering she's wanted a child for awhile, hasn't been having the great time of it, and also just because she was happy and stuff.

But then Tristan Thompson cheated on her with at least four women and essentially ruined everything by being the biggest snake in the entire world.


Khloe hasn't addressed the situation herself, but she has done what we would be unable to do which is get on with things, raise her daughter, and be very classy about the whole debacle.

That doesn't mean that everybody has to be as classy though - because they don't. Especially not Khloe's fans who have been dragging Tristan since what could probably be described as the beginning of time.


Today is no different either.

After Khloe uploaded a heavily filtered photo of the sea, Tristan decided to comment on it.

He wrote: "Where do you want to go my love?" and instead of answering earnestly, people on Instagram absolutely bodied him.

It was intense.

"Where loyal men are," wrote one person.

"Faithful island," said another.

"She wants to find a man who's loyal but she's stuck with you because she birthed your kid," suggested another.

Grim enough.

Unsurprisingly, neither Khloe nor Tristan have responded to the comments - and while they are great content (and very accurate), we can't imagine having to read all that shit about someone you invariably took back was all that fun.