The cut of most kids clothing is too small for my child, what can I do? 6 months ago

The cut of most kids clothing is too small for my child, what can I do?

Has anyone else had this problem?

As parents, it always seems like our children are growing too big for their clothes before they get a chance to get any wear out of them.

Though sometimes it feels like the clothes never really fit to begin with and what do you do then?

With a lot of clothing brands aimed at children the cut of the clothes can be very one size fits all, but what about what it doesn't?

One mum recently took to a pre-loved clothing page to ask for advice as she is struggling to find clothing that fits her child properly;

"Dear wise clothing people: my daughter is muscular and carrying a little extra weight - not a huge amount. But I find most kids' clothing is only designed for long-thin kids. It's starting to become difficult to dress her.
I've gotten tops here that were for her correct height, but were too tight. She's age 7.5 and wearing M*rks and Sp*ncer age 10-11 knickers and leggings - they're too long and yet only just about wide enough for her.
Any advice on brands that suit bigger (wider, not taller!) than average kids please? Thank you!"

I have to say I completely understand where she is coming from as I had this problem with my son who has wide shoulders.


It was always very difficult to find clothing wide in the shoulders and some retailers I just gave up on buying as their clothing never fit him.

Several other parents in the clothing group came to the mum's aide with advice and brand suggestions;

"I find the same with my eldest it was always very annoying cause slim fit always ride up! Alba is our new go to for him but before he outgrew them frugi was always top notch!"

"My daughter is similar, not hugely overweight but definitely not skinny enough for some of the scandi brands.

I find Maxomorra spin dresses work well on her, along with Max Capri leggings (that are more or less full length on her!)…we definitely stay away from Max full length leggings & balloon dresses, they really don’t work for shorter legs!

Frugi spin dresses are perfect on her, and we have a couple of Villervalla tunics that are gorgeous too."

Some other parents even suggested getting crafty and whipping out the sewing machine;

"I have this problem too, I get all clothes 3 or 4 sizes up for both my kids and shorten the sleeves and legs on the sewing machine or overlocker. If you don't sew- any sewing service will do this for you just mark where the sleeve should end in pencil or chalk."

Some great advice.