Dad sends out invite to child's Christening and it's hilarious 4 years ago

Dad sends out invite to child's Christening and it's hilarious

SO funny!

This dad decided he was going to scrap the traditional approach to inviting family and friends to his child's Christening and the result is hilarious.

Posted by a family member to Facebook the screengrabs show the dad's creative invitations.

Posted on the Archbishop of Banterbury, the photo shows the original invite and the adjusted version.

Eoin Conroy figured that everyone would be sending out 'Christening' invites so he opted to invite his close family and friends to his daughter's 'exorcism' instead.


To be honest, I was tempted to do up something like this myself for my own daughter's naming ceremony and whenever she decides to get shouty I tell her dad that 'they didn't use enough holy water, she's still a demon.'

He ended up having to change his exorcism announcement to a nice photo and new title but not before the original one was screen shotted and shared.

I'd say that anyone that was quick enough to catch his invite before it was adapted to the granny friendly version got a good laugh...I know I did!

There were many women in the comment section tagging their partners and writing that it was something that they would do and I know for a fact if Facebook had been around when I was being Christened my dad definitely would of.