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Early years

26th Feb 2018

David Beckham making a baby laugh is exactly what we needed this morning

Jade Hayden

We know, we know.

David Beckham has a lot of children and each and every one of them is lovely and adorable, etc.

However, David Beckham, as we know, also has a has a new niece called Peggy who is even more lovely and adorable, etc, because she’s a newborn and newborns are actively lovely and adorable even when they’re not trying to be.

Over the past few months since Peggy’s birth, David has been around the newborn and mum Joanne a fair bit.

He was pictured holding her and looking well after she was born.

And then he and Peggy ended up with the same haircut a few weeks back.


David isn’t done being adorable just yet though because he recently made Peggy laugh and, yeah OK, under regular circumstances this wouldn’t be worth addressing but this isn’t regular circumstances because it’s David Beckham and Peggy laughing is just too cute.

Just look at that face, like.

And she’s still rocking the Beckham hair, fair play to her.

Peggy was born two months ago to mum Joanne and dad Kris.