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03rd Oct 2019

The genius baby gadget that already has heaps of five-star reviews

Trine Jensen-Burke

baby gadget

Is your kitchen space currently drowning under bottles, lids and other baby paraphernalia?

We feel you – babies sure come with a lot of bits, don’t they?

However, what you need is this genius storage solution – which is so clever it has already racked up hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon in the US.

Say hello to the OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack, which will help you free up your kitchen counter-tops…meaning you’ll have room to cook in your kitchen again!

What makes it so smart, you say?

Instead of stacking bottles horizontally, it stacks them up the wall of your kitchen, leaving you room to actually use your counter to chop up vegetables and stuff.


According to some of the reviews on Amazon Prime in the US, mums love that it keeps bottles, pacifiers and breast pump part parts organized. Plus, let’s be honest, with its matte grey colour scheme, it’s also as close to chic as drying racks come.

Here is that the OXO website has to say about their best-selling product:

“With a compact design that makes a big impact, the Space Saving Drying Rack will hold cups, bottles, and all their parts without cluttering the countertop. The angled pegs hold cups and bottles at just the right angle for thorough drying, while the top and base are perfect for drying small parts like valves, or even pacifiers. The Drying Rack fits neatly under cabinets, so it can be tucked out of the way against the wall. The base tray features ridges to keep lids and more elevated for quick-drying, and both the base and top trays are removable for thorough cleaning.”