Honest milestone cards exist and are something all of us parents really need 4 years ago

Honest milestone cards exist and are something all of us parents really need

Being a parent can be hard sometimes and when it is all you can do is laugh.

I'm recently going through it with my toddler and have even started keeping a record for the reasons why she is crying. These reasons include not being allowed to eat a bag of flour, wanting to put on her pink shoes when she is already wearing them and throwing a fit because someone ate all of her favourite sweets when it was, in fact, her who ate them all.

Yes, they are tiny, adorable, frustrating little people and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. It's why I'm not crazy about social media when it comes to anything kid related. It paints the picture of perfect parenthood which just doesn't exist. Doesn't matter how good you are your baby will still vomit on your face.

It's part of the reason why I fell in love with these honest milestone cards when I saw them. When my daughter was a new baby I tried to do the milestone card thing. She would wiggle and squirm, the card would keep falling over, and in the end, I would be lucky if I got any sort of decent shot. I gave up on doing them when she was a month old. Just couldn't see the point of it, but I could see the point of these.

These honest milestone cards from Banter Card are too accurate and I love them. There were too many instances of the above situation and that of the photo below.


Warning, you may not want to keep scrolling if you're having your lunch.

Yep, I don't think I ever fully understood the phrase 'shit happens' until I became a parent. Now it feels like shit is the only thing that happens.

These incredibly on the nose cards are available in two options - age and other milestones. You can also get creative and put together your own custom made honest milestone pack.

I love being a parent but it's not all sunshine and roses and on the rough days its good to be able to find the humour in it. You can find out more about Banter Cards Milestone Cards on their website.