Husband creates beautiful note to help wife through postpartum depression 11 months ago

Husband creates beautiful note to help wife through postpartum depression

Such a thoughtful thing to do.

I've often heard of postpartum being referred to as the baby blues which makes it sound a lot less severe than it actually is.

Post partum depression can really take a toll on you when you're a new mum making you doubt your ability to parent and sometimes even to get through the day.

Having gone through postpartum depression myself I know how important it is to have the support of family and friends.

One husband decided to create a constant reminder for his wife after the birth of their children to remind her that she is loved and that she has his support.

The wife in question posted the lovely note to Reddit saying;


"My husband is such an incredible man. He has exuded nothing but love and support while I battle PPD/PPA. He wrote this for me to look at while he's at work and can't be there to help me through my panic attacks. I'm so unbelievably lucky to have him."

The note not only tells his wife that she is loved by her husband and babies but also reminds her to make sure that she is looking after herself and to take time out to eat properly and get some sleep.

This is actually really important but just about every mum, whether they are dealing with postpartum depression or not, forgets to look after themselves.

Looking after yourself as a new mum is crucial not just for your own physical and mental health but also for that of your children.

We can't look after others if we haven't looked after ourselves first so for any mums who may be feeling exhausted physically and mentally I'd seriously recommend writing down the questions from this note on a piece or paper or white board at home and referring back to it regularly so you don't forget about yourself.