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09th Jun 2019

The internet is seemingly divided over whether or not you NEED a changing table

Trine Jensen-Burke

changing table

Where do YOU fall on this one?

I must admit, that when it comes to changing tables, I had two different ones (one in Oslo, where I was when my little girl was a baby, and one in Dublin, where we mostly resided for baby #2) and yet did not really use any of them all that much.

Instead, I often would just either change my babies on a spare changing mat on the floor (or impromptu changing mat made from a varity of muselin cloths), or, if upstairs, lift the changing mat off the changing table and sit down on the floor to change them.

Ask me why and I couldn’t really tell you, other than that I felt it was less stressful as I didn’t have to worry about them rolling off it and onto the floor. And also, I always found it easier to change them from sitting in front of them, while if I had them on the changing table, I would have to change them from the side, as the changing mat fitted horizontally onto the changing table.

But hey – different strokes for different folks. And to be fair – I did find the changing table useful in that it came with clever storage, and became the natural point for keeping all that baby cleaning paraphernalia, such as nappies and wipes etc.

But I am not the only one who is questioning whether or not a changing table really is a must-have or not.

changing table

A parent recently took to the ‘Parenting’ community on Reddit to float the theory about changing tables – and it’s being quite passionately debated.

“I know it’s common practice for companies to market items as if they are absolute necessities whereas, in reality, you don’t need them at all,” the poster (titled “conspiracy theory about changing tables”) began.

“But here’s another one I realised … changing tables?” it went on. “It’s been months and months and that $120 changing table has been gathering dust and not been used a single time. Is it just me? How often do you guys use your changing table?”

Well, the answers came hard and fast.

Quite a few parents chimed in on this Reddit post confirming they didn’t bother with a changing table either.

“We pretty much exclusively change diapers on a pad on the floor. We had a changing table with our first, and it never got used other than to hold diapers.”

“Same here,” another parent wrote. “No stress about rolling [over], easy to wash, no pee on the walls.”

Convenience is key, it seems. “It’s just easier to keep diapers and wipes in the bedroom and living room so I can just change him wherever.”

Changing mats for the win, but tables are not a must, many argues.

“Got a real cheap pad from IKEA and a couple of protection mats,” one forum user wrote. “Just put it on top of our washing machine and change nappies. Oftentimes just change the baby on the floor.”

However, others were aghast at the thought of not having a changing table, it seems.

But others were gobsmacked at the thought of not using a changing table and found it a vital piece of nursery equipment.

“We used ours all the time when our kids were infants, less often as they became toddlers,” one mum wrote. “It’s basically the base station where all the diaper changing supplies are located, so that’s where we go to change diapers. And it’s one of the few flat surfaces in the house guaranteed to be covered with random household crap.”

Got to agree about the station thing.

Height was also an issue to many.

“We use ours for every diaper change and most outfit changes when we’re at home,” said one Reddit user. “It’s a comfortable height and right next to all the stuff we need.”

“We used ours for pretty much every diaper change,” another mum explained. “My [significant other] is tall and the height works better for him than bending over on the ottoman or crouching on the floor.”

What do YOU think, parents? Did YOU use your changing table or preferred to change those nappies elsewhere? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @herfamilydotie