Irish parenting blogger shows what being home with a newborn really looks like 2 years ago

Irish parenting blogger shows what being home with a newborn really looks like

No filters or photoshop here.

While Instagram and social media can sometimes try to convince us that new motherhood is a glamourous bed of roses the reality is a little different.

The reality of it usually involves rarely getting to shower even though you've never needed to more badly in your life because you've been thrown up on all day.

It usually involves not having a moment to eat and having eye bags that are hitting the floor. So you know you'll look really good.

The truth is that no matter what social media wants you to believe you're not expected to look like you've just had a make over the moment you give birth. Wearing jammies and a messy bun is the look this season and you should embrace it just like Irish parenting blogger Its Cherry Stone.

New mum Its Cherry Stone recently posted some photos of herself with her newborn son showing what it really looks like those first few days when you're just home from the hospital.

I spotted these in my home feed yesterday and all I could think was 'yep, I remember those days'.


The think I appreciated the most about these posts was that 'it's all normal' was including in them.

So much pressure is put on mums to look and be perfect all the time and just after you've given birth is no exception.

Even Kate Middleton had articles written about her asking why when she left the maternity hospital did she still have a bump?

Maybe because your skin has been stretched, pregnancy usually causes you to gain weight and the two of these things do not fix themselves moments after you've given birth.

We have to get rid of this notion that perfect is normal, it's not. Mess after a newborn is normal. Feeling wrecked after having a baby is normal. Not looking like a movie star is beyond normal.

Don't put untoward stress on yourself to e perfect as a new mum. Focus on keeping yourself and your baby happy and healthy because at the end of the day that's all that matters.