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24th Jun 2020

Jewellery made from breastmilk might sounds nuts – but look how pretty it is

Trine Jensen-Burke

Whether you loved it deeply and found it emotionally gut-wrenching to give it up – or didn’t like it all that much and is rather relieved to have your baby start eating actual food – there is no denying that breastfeeding is an intense time in any new mum’s life.

And now you can actually treat yourself to a very special gift to commemorate your experience.

Say hello to breastmilk jewellery – a gorgeous and unique piece of jewellery made from – yes, really – your very own breast milk.

Here is what jewellery maker Melanie Fogarty from Beyond the Willow Tree had to say to PureWow about the increasingly popular trend and how it is made:

It begins with around an ounce of breastmilk, which is then placed through a process of extreme heating and cooling while using a chemical to keep it preserved. This changes the structure of the milk to create a solidified clump that can then be worked into a stone for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.”

According to experts, the exact color of the stone will depend on the breast milk (some might be a little more yellow than others) and some jewellers will add a layer of shimmer on top of the stone to really make it shine.

Wondering about how the heck it is all done?

While each breast milk jewellery artist has their own proprietary technique, the preservation process typically involves expressing two tablespoons’ worth of breast milk into a plastic storage bag (like a Ziploc bag) and shipping it to the breastmilk artist. The milk is then preserved by mixing it with chemicals, letting it “plasticize” (or harden). It’s then mixed with resin, making it easier to shape the stone into your custom jewellery.

Fancy turning your breastmilk into something you can wear? Here are a few places you can do just that:

1. Beyond the Willow Tree
This boho-inspired Australian brand can include breast milk, placenta and bits of the umbilical cord into whimsical “DNA jewelry” pieces (think crystal pendants and minimalist rings).

2. Mama’s Liquid Love

Mama’s Liquid Love features delicate halo rings with intricate filigree accents that can be customized with diamonds, birthstones or cubic zirconia.

3. Lait de la Vie
Louisiana-based Lait de la Vie specializes in vintage-inspired rings, perfect for those who love the art deco era.

And lucky for us, there is even an Irish, Mayo-based company that can turn your breastmilk into jewellery too – check out her Facebook page – Bespoke Breastmilk Keepsakes for more information.