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13th Apr 2019

Here’s the best way to deal with a nits outbreak at the school

Anna Daly


Brought to you by Hedrin. 

Nits are gross.

Whether you have them or you’re getting rid of them, they’re the worst to deal with. There’s nothing that will give you the jitters more than one of those little buggers showing up in the nit comb.

Plus, when your kids have nits that means less hugs for everyone and that’s not fun for more than a day. Everyone needs a goodnight cuddle.

There are a few things you can do to stop your little one coming home with a head full of these little critters.

If their hair is short, keep it that way. If it’s long but you’re willing to cut it, you might want to consider doing so, at least for a while. Having short hair can be helpful if there’s a particularly bad outbreak at the school. Of course, many of you will not want to cut your child’s hair, or they wouldn’t let you even if you did. So the next best things is to keep their hair tied up.

Tying hair up will keep it flying everywhere, namely into other nit-infested heads. A bun or plait is the best way to avoid nit cross contamination, but even a ponytail will help a bit.

Don’t forget to let your kids know what’s happening too – tell them to try not to rub heads with anyone else. Let’s be honest though, you can warn all you want – in the end, kids will be kids. Once they get caught up in something fun or exciting all caution will go out the window.

If you want to give them that extra bit of protection, you could give their hair a spray with a nit protection. Hedrin Protect and Go will kill any lice before they get a chance to properly infest your kid’s head (ideal). All you have to do is spray it on your child’s head, comb it through, and that’s it. Seriously, it’s as simple as that. Also it smells like orange and mango, so the kids will be smelling even more delightful than usual.

If the head lice strike before you manage to protect your kids’ heads, don’t worry – there’s a Treat and Go foaming mousse that will kill the infestation once it has taken hold. It has no yucky smells and is kind to skin.

Bye bye, nits. We won’t miss you at all.

We’d definitely prefer not to say hello to them in the first place though, so we’ll be taking all precautionary measures possible. Mums gotta stay prepared.

Brought to you by Hedrin.