Kate 'has it harder' than most new mums, claims mummy blogger 4 years ago

Kate 'has it harder' than most new mums, claims mummy blogger

Kate Middleton's experience of the hours after giving birth are a little different to most new mamas.

The Duchess had her third baby at 11am on Monday morning and was home in time for tea that evening, but not before she had to endure a quick photo call on the steps of St Mary's Hospital.

She and Prince William made a brief appearance with their new bundle of joy outside the hospital's Lindo Wing, with Kate looking as fresh as ever.

Kate 'has it harder' than most new mums, claims mummy blogger

It goes without saying that Kate would have had lots of help glamming up before stepping out in front of the world's media and plenty more staff on hand over the next few days and weeks as she adjusts to being a mum of three.

But one mum blogger has defended the Duchess, saying that she has it just as tough as the rest of us.

Laura Mazza, whose Mum On The Run Facebook page has over 175,000 followers, reckons Kate is under more pressure than most because of the need to keep up appearances.

"I bet, just like the rest of us, her vagina feels like it’s been punched up by Mike Tyson and looks like a sad lasagna... and probably feels like everything is about to fall out and the only thing holding her together is a giant pad and an adult diaper," wrote Laura in a post.

"I bet she rolled her eyes before she opened the door, the way you do when unwanted relatives visit you after you’ve given birth and demand coffee and biscuits when really you just want to lay in bed, punch a wall because breastfeeding hurts, eating about 50 lactation cookies and snuggle into your new baby but you can’t because you have two other kids who want to jump all over you and interrupt you and ask you if you have games on your phone and who want water, and a bikkie and no not that bikkie...

"I mean, you get it - I bet she’s feeling just like all of us... screwed but blissfully happy.

"The only thing is, is that she has to pretend that it’s all good and she’s strolled out of that hospital like she hasn’t just pushed a giant pineapple out of a keyhole!

"So I think in fairness to her, she has it harder keeping up appearances."


Kate 'has it harder' than most new mums, claims mummy blogger

We'd agree that we don't envy Kate for having to have her photo taken while she's probably still feeling woozy.

That said, keeping up appearances (or just trying to look like you're not falling apart) after having a baby is hard for all of us so we don't know about giving her that much credit, as much of a pain as Monday's appearance must have been for her.

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