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Early years

03rd Apr 2019

Magic for baby’s gums, these unicorn teething bracelets are out of this world

These are just adorable!

Teething can be a difficult time for both parent and child. My little girl is teething at the moment and is biting everything in sight, sometimes including me.

While most of us parents are well acquainted with Sophie the Giraffe, there’s now another teething animal in town and she’s magical.

Introducing… Stacy the Unicorn!

Created by Oli & Carol and available to Irish customers through KID Store Dublin, Stacy is a chewable unicorn-shaped bracelet perfect for sensory play and teething.

Soft and easy to grip, this teether can even be worn as a bracelet around your child’s wrist.

My little one is in full teething mode at the moment and her first instinct when she comes across anything, including my arm, is to put it in my mouth and chew on it.

One problem she usually has with teethers is losing them while she is crawling around, which is why I think the fact that she could wear this one is fantastic.

She’s also currently fascinated with horses so she would definitely be delighted to have a Stacy all of her own.

Stacy the unicorn is available to buy through KID Store Dublin and is priced on their website at €15.50 but if your child isn’t a fan of unicorns they also have other teething pals including Kendall Kale, Wally Watermelon and Ana Banana.

I see Arnold the Avocado is a particular favourite for the millennial parents.

I’m still a big fan of Stacy and think I might just have to add one to my shopping basket for my little teething girl.