Why May babies are - scientifically! - blessed with good fortune and luck 1 year ago

Why May babies are - scientifically! - blessed with good fortune and luck

Snow White was the fairest of them all... but are May babies the luckiest?

My son is a May baby and he certainly seems blessed with no end of good fortune. So I’m beginning to wonder what his secret is.

Other people I know who are also May babies definitely seem to have been born under a good star... what is it that makes being a May baby so fantastic?


1) Birthstone

The May birthday Emerald is meant to attract good fortune, particularly financial fortune and was a stone highly sought after by royalty for centuries.

Shamrocks aside it may also be why the Irish are considered so lucky as we are from the emerald isle.

It is also believed to draw romance so not only are May babies lucky in life but they are also lucky in love.


2) Zodiac

The may star signs could also be why may babies do so well in life.

The first half of May is Taurus which are known for being hard workers and thrifty savers.

Then in the latter half of the month is the zodiac sign of Gemini who is known for being great communicators and networkers which could all be part and parcel of why May babies get ahead.

3) Time of the year

According to a study by Prof Richard Wiseman, those born in summer months tend to be luckier than those born in the harsher winter months. This is due in part to people feeling more optimistic during the summer. And in turn, this optimism generally leads to those born in these months becoming more motivated and ambitious.

So what do you think are May babies blessed... or is it all coincidence and we actually all make our own luck? Let us know!