The 1st year
Megan Fox shares rare photo of her one-year-old son Journey
He is so cute.

Bless him.

If there's one thing Megan Fox doesn't do a whole lot of, it's post pictures of her one-year-old son, Journey.

The child has essentially not made much of an impact of Instagram at all, and to be honest, it's a bit refreshing to see parents not plaster their children all over social media for once.

No matter how cute they are.

And boy, is this baby cute.

Clone wars

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Look at him, like.

Just look at him.


It's not just us either who've been thinking that Journey must be one of the cutest babies on the planet.

Megan's fans have literally convinced themselves that he is the most beautiful baby in existence.

No, really. They have.


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"Omfg, the most beautiful," wrote one person.

"Damn that is one beautiful baby," said another.

One person even went so far as to say that Journey was the most beautiful baby that ever lived... and would ever live too.


Megan and husband Brian Austin Green welcomed Journey 17 months ago.

The couple have two other children together - five-year-old Noah and three-year-old Bodhi.

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