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Early years

11th Dec 2018

Mum bakes one-year-old daughter birthday cake… but it looks like something else

Jade Hayden

Oh dear.

Baking a cake is a difficult enough thing to do.

You’ve got to get the flavour right, get the ingredients in at a good ratio, and make sure you don’t burn it – and that’s before you even decorate the thing.

Still though, deciding to make a cake for someone’s birthday is a nice gesture. Especially when that person is your one-year-old daughter and you’re looking forward to celebrating the day.

But unfortunately, ‘nice’ doesn’t stop a cake that’s supposed to be in the shape of a number 1 looking like a penis.

Here’s the cake in question.

Shared on Instagram page, ‘awkwardfamilyphotos’, the cake was made by the submitter’s friend for their daughter’s first birthday.

And apparently, even despite the fact that they are apparently friends, not a thing was said about what the cake really looks like.

A penis.


The post has already received almost 7,500 likes too so people are clearly of the opinion that the cake isn’t really appropriate for a one-year-old.

Sure look.