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Early years

12th Apr 2020

New mum hacks: The secret to dressing for breastfeeding – and still looking fab

Have YOU got the basics sorted, mama?

Trine Jensen-Burke

what to wear for breastfeeding

One of the things that took me by surprise the most, I think, after having my baby #1, was the dressing for breastfeeding business. 

I mean; going from pregnancy where the concern is basically just finding something that fits to now having to consider what the heck to wear so that you (and your baby) can easily access your boobs – but without having to completely strip half-naked in order to do so just, well, threw me a little.

And while it might sound a little shallow for someone who had just had a healthy, happy baby to be concerned with what I looked like while being able to feed my baby on the go, starting to look like myself again post-baby did matter. And made the transition into motherhood feel that little bit more exciting adventure and less scary life-changing new me.

Want my best hard-learned tips for dressing for breastfeeding? Here you go:

1. Get the basics right

First things first, you have got to invest in a good nursing bra. Not only will this save your back, in the long run, it will also act as the backbone for your entire nursing wardrobe.

Nursing bras need to fit well and be comfortable and make sure you go and get fitted every few weeks, as your boobs will continue to change in size during these months.

2. Layering will save your sanity

This, I swear, became my go-to hack for all the months of my life I have spent breastfeeding. If the term layering baffles you a little bit, it basically refers to layering one item of clothing on top of another.

As in, wear a plain tank top (nursing or regular) all the time, under pretty shirts or blouses – or dresses with a low neckline. This ensures that you can wear all the tops you would normally wear, but can pull them up or down for boob-access without having to completely expose yourself.

3. Learn to love kimonos (or cardigans)

A kimono or cardigan will also help give you extra coverage if needed – and can actually look incredibly stylish worn with skinny jeans 0r leggings.

4. Patterns are your friend

Not only can a bold pattern help elevate your look on any given occasion, it also hides tell-tale milk leakages and baby spit-up so much better than any plain coloured fabric will.

5. Dare to show off your shape

Look, we know you still might not feel back to your regular old self in terms of your post-pregnancy figure, but nothing will make you look bigger than shape-less tent-like clothes.

Belt your dresses or kimonos or cardigans, wear something with a low neckline – which has the double effect of making your whole torso look slimmer and giving your baby easy boob access.

Shirt dresses (with a tank top underneath) are great for feeling put together while still being dressed for breastfeeding duties.

Tell us, mums – what were YOUR go-to items to wear when you were breastfeeding? Any brands we need to know about? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @herfamilydotie