Pampers announce innovation to stop poonamis, but can anything really stop them? 1 year ago

Pampers announce innovation to stop poonamis, but can anything really stop them?

Can anything really stop the poo-plosions?

The fear of a diaper disaster is something most parents’ dread.

Pampers have today announced a revolutionary innovation to stop the dreaded poonami panic, but having experienced many of them myself while my kids were growing up I'm going to need more info before I believe it.

nappy change

Pampers have introduced Pampers diaper pants with a brand-new feature, the new Stop & Protect pocket with up to 12 hours of all-around leakage protection which will combat the dreaded poonami and put parents’ minds at ease.

Speaking with us today Eavan Hayes Brand Director, P&G Ireland said;

‘"At Pampers, we are constantly innovating to deliver the outstanding performance parents expect, and babies deserve.

We are proud to introduce our latest revolutionary innovation and provide parents with another trusted option for their babies.

We know from our research that a major diaper leakage causes disruption for parents and for babies alike.

The new Stop & Protect™ pocket protects parents and babies against major diaper disasters so that moments of fun, sleep and play do not have to be disrupted."



Research has found that more than one in five parents in Europe feel anxious when a major nappy leakage strikes, almost a third of European parents said they have had to come home from an outing earlier than planned, and 35 per cent say a major diaper leakage can disrupt babies’ sleep and play time.

Honestly, as a parent I would love to put these new nappies to the test to see just how well they work because no matter what type of nappy I put my kids in there would always be 'up the back' situations.

Never mind the days you go to pick them up out of the pram only to find everything coming out of both sides.

Both of my kids are now well out of nappies but I have a couple of relatives with new baby so if they use Pampers I'll have to ask them and find out, because if they do work they'll be a parenting game changer.