Pampers celebrates World Prematurity Day by donating free premature nappies 3 years ago

Pampers celebrates World Prematurity Day by donating free premature nappies

Pampers celebrates World Prematurity Day by continuing to providing world’s smallest nappies to premature babies across Ireland.

Last year the popular baby brand launched their tiny nappies for free to hospitals across the country in a bid to help premature babies and their parents.

Since the initiative began over 450,000 of the mini Pampers have been made available to tots in Irish hospitals and to celebrate World Prematurity Day on November 17, they have pledged to continue their donations of free nappies.

Approximately 4,500 babies are born prematurely in Ireland each year and due to advances in medical science, survival rates are increasing.

Helping Pampers to celebrate these tiny fighters campaign ambassador, lifestyle blogger and mum, Jodie Wood said:


“Every parent wants to give their little loved ones the very best chance to grow healthy and strong, and this also means having the right nappy for their needs. Baby Milo surprised us all by arriving seven weeks early and nappy changing was part of our little routine in the ICU, as well as it being part of the precious few chances we had to touch and bond with him. I am delighted that Pampers has developed special nappies for preemies and is continuing to donate them to Irish hospitals. This will make such a huge difference to these tiny babies and their families.”

Premature babies already have a challenging start to life. Previous to the invention of these tiny nappies parents and midwives would have to cut up regular size nappies to try and make them fit the teeny preemies but this could often lead to irritating their very delicate skin.

Pampers premature range come in the smallest size currently available, sizes P1 (less than 5lb/ 2.7kg), P2 (less than 4lb/ 1.8kg) and P3 (less than 1.8lb/ 0.8kg) and help to make those first few weeks a lot easier for these extra small miracles and their families.

If you work at or know a hospital that is not receiving the Pampers premature nappies you can contact to arrange a sample delivery.