Pampers release new 'smart nappies' that say when they need to be changed 1 year ago

Pampers release new 'smart nappies' that say when they need to be changed

If you hate doing the baby bum sniff these nappies are for you.

Pampers have recently  released a range of 'smart nappies' that will tell parents when their baby needs to be changed.

The new high tech nappy system, Lumi will see sensors attached to nappies sense wetness so you don't have to.

So how does this technology work, exactly? According to the Pampers website, the sensor attaches to the front of the nappy and sends a signal to the app when a nappy change is in order.

The smart technology can even tell a parent whether the nappy is only "wet" or "very wet."

The app also tracks all changes, which can eliminate that whole "how long ago was the baby's last wet nappy?" dilemma new parents know all too well.

The connected app also allows parents to track sleep and feedings, too, and the monitor is, well, a video monitor.


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While many parents are delighted with the new smart nappies, some experts worry that the devices may be susceptible to hackers.

According to Motherly, the Washington Post reports that some privacy experts worry about putting this kind of personal data online (Pampers says the data will be secure).

And as CNN reports, some experts say there can be such a thing as too much data, and are concerned that detailed tracking of data could make some parents more anxious instead of reliving stress.

So what do you think? Are the new smart nappies really handy or a techie fad taken too far and would you be worried about the device being hacked?

For anyone interested in finding out more about the smart nappies, all the information on them can be found at