This helpful post shows exactly how much you need to feed a new baby 3 years ago

This helpful post shows exactly how much you need to feed a new baby

I know when I was a new mum I was always worried that I wasn't feeding my baby enough.

I found it particularly hard when I was breastfeeding and couldn't keep track of how many millilitres they were drinking. It seemed that they were only drinking a tiny bit at a time and I thought 'there's no way they can be full'.

Well, they can. Newborn babies have very small stomachs and it doesn't take much to fill them at all. Add to that that babies are not afraid to let you know when they're hungry, you can be sure that they are consuming as much as they need.

This post shared by Yummy mum shows just how little a newborn baby's tummy really is. They are so small in fact that when your baby is a day old all they need is between five and seven millilitres of milk. This, of course, will vary from child to child but for the most part, a new baby will only require a tiny amount of fluids.

The photo goes on to show the different stages of a new baby's stomach development all the way up to a month.


As a mum, I feel like we're constantly second-guessing ourselves and it can be so hard to know 'am I doing this right?'

Hopefully, this guide will reassure a lot of new mums that they are giving their baby exactly as much nourishment as they need and not to put so much worry on themselves.

It's ok mum, you're doing great.