Rise in the number of mums doing their makeup while in labour for Instagram 9 months ago

Rise in the number of mums doing their makeup while in labour for Instagram

Honestly, I couldn't be bothered.

I've been in active labour twice in my life and neither time was I thinking about doing my hair or makeup. I would have thought that was the norm but apparently not.

More and more mums are becoming conscious of their appearance even in the height of child labour due to the need to look perfect on social media.

Taking photos at the hospital or even capturing video footage of your child's birth has become standard to most couples but mum generally looks far from dolled up.

Any photos of me before and after childbirth are of me looking happy but tired with my hair thrown any which way and not a stitch of makeup to my name.

Maybe it's the pressure of social media or the rise of influencers but the last couple of years has seen a big rise in the number of mums getting glam in the throwes of labour so that they can be picture perfect once baby arrives.

I honestly don't know how they do it because there's no way I wouldn't have sweated off a face of makeup during childbirth. Add to that that the only thing I wanted to do once I could move again was have a shower, any contour or smokey eye would have been down the drain, literally.

Saying that I would never judge a mum who wants to look good after childbirth. Your body goes through a lot and if sticking on a bit of concealer and lipstick makes you feel better, go for it.