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05th Jul 2024

The simple pram feature you are probably not using correctly


Apparently, we are putting kids at risk by making this pram error

An Australian study has worryingly revealed that a large number of babies are being admitted to hospital after falling out of prams and buggies.

The Queensland University of Technology published a new report in the September International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health where they examined injuries in young children caused by a range of products with mandatory safety standards, such as cots, prams, bunk beds, nightwear, and baby-walkers.

And can you guess the biggest culprit? Incorrectly used prams and strollers. In fact, according to the report, “around half of all emergency department visits and admissions” for product injuries in babies under 12 months old were the result of a pram or stroller injury.

More worrying? 90 percent of the hospital admissions were head injuries.

According to Babyology, data from three Queensland medical sources found that 708 children aged 14 months and younger were admitted to hospital between 2006 and 2012 as a result of pram falls, with 51 percent of all pram-related injuries happening to babies under 12 months of age. Given these figures are estimated to make up only 25 percent of the total hospital admission rate in Queensland, it, therefore, means the total amount of babies injured nationally by prams is much, much higher than this.

Researchers believe that the reason for all the injuries is parents forgetting (or neglecting) to fasten the safety straps as per the information labels and warnings, and not supervising infants properly when in the pram.

Previous QLD research also supports this theory, with nearly 10 percent of all pram injuries caused by children tipping out of prams while travelling on escalators or downstairs.