The very scary reason why you should never prop a bottle up for your baby to drink it 3 years ago

The very scary reason why you should never prop a bottle up for your baby to drink it

It can be seriously harmful – in worst cases, fatal. 

I think most mums at times with they had an extra set of arms – just to be able to keep up and get anything done. We all develop some super-human multi-tasking skills as time goes by, while also relying on a whole host of little parenting hacks that keeps life running smooth(er).

However, there is one "hack" you definitively want to skip, experts no warn.

Don't prop your bottle up with something for your baby to drink.

It might be so tempting and seem so "innocent" and time-saving – heck; now you can get dressed while your baby is feeding himself  – but while this trick might save you some time, it could come with some pretty serious consequences for your baby.



Here is what expert have to say about bottle propping:

  • Bottle propping forces your baby to keep up with the flow, even if he’s full. While the milk keeps coming, your baby runs the risk of overeating—or worse, choking.
  • When you prop a bottle for your baby, the risk of ear infections increases.
  • During your baby’s feed, a propped bottle may slip, causing your baby to suck in air. And without the chance to burp, he’s bound to be gassy and fussy.
  • Bottle propping can cause milk to pool up in the baby’s mouth and lead to eventual tooth decay.

In the US, the American Academy of Pediatrics have even weighed in on the discussion, and says parents should never prop the bottle and leave a baby feeding alone: "Not only will you miss the opportunity to bond with her while she feeds, but there’s also a danger that she’ll choke or the bottle will slip out of position. Propping the bottle also increases the risk of ear infections. We do not recommend devices to hold a bottle in a baby's mouth—they could be dangerous."