Science says that becoming a mother fundamentally changes our brains 12 hours from now

Science says that becoming a mother fundamentally changes our brains

Ever feel like you're a different person since becoming a mum?

Well according to scientific research you just might be.

A study conducted by Craig Howard Kinsley and Kelly G. Lambert suggests that having a baby can change a mother's brain forever.

The research, published in Scientific America, studied female mammals during and after pregnancy. The results found that having a child fundamentally changes a mother's brain.

So what does that mean? How exactly does our brain change and in what way?


It's been discovered that during pregnancy and after birth, that pregnancy and lactation hormones may alter the brain, increasing the size of the neurons in some regions and producing structural changes in others.

Other research has found that a combination of pregnancy hormones and the experience of pregnancy and birth can actually improve our memory and help our learning abilities.

Personally, I've found that since becoming a mum I'm more likely to forget things so maybe my brain changes happened the wrong way around. The learning abilities I'll give them because let's face it you really do have to learn a lot in that first year of parenthood and fast.

So there you have it. Not only do you get a baby, but you also get a whole new brain.