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17th Sep 2018

A silent, wearable, cordless breast-pump is being released and yeah, it’s game-changing

This is a game-changer

Gillian Fitzpatrick

A load of breastfeeding women swear by breast-pumps.

They’re great for getting your supply going; are good for relieving any discomfort in-between feeds; allow you to get back-ups stocked in the freezer; and can give you a night-off every so often.

However, the contraptions themselves are pretty archaic: clunky, noisy, and awkward with lots of wires and chargers.

Which is why we reckon the latest release from Elvie – an award-winning health and lifestyle “femtech” brand – is pretty radical.

Apparently it’s silent. It’s also controlled via a smart-phone app AND it slots into your standard feeding bra with ease. Bliss!

Tania Boler, the London-based co-founder and CEO of Elvie, says: “It’s an essential product for new moms. It gives women the freedom to be the women they want to be, to get back to work, to be the mother they want to be.”

And the smartphone app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android, even shows real-time milk tracking, and keeps a pumping history for each breast.

There is currently a waiting-list on the official Elvie site, but the item should also shortly be available via Amazon. In the US, it’s being priced at around $479 for a double unit (that’s €410).

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on any possible arrival into the Irish market!