The story behind Spencer's 'rare' push present for Vogue is adorable 4 years ago

The story behind Spencer's 'rare' push present for Vogue is adorable

The first photos of Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews' baby are here and we can't stop swooning.

Little Theodore is less than two weeks old but has already been the star of a Hello! magazine photoshoot.

The proud new parents told the magazine that he's the "dream".

Spencer also revealed that he'd given wife Vogue a necklace featuring a blue tanzanite stone. The material is super-rare, making the piece extra special, Spencer said.

"It's very well deserved. Every woman deserves a push present!" Spencer told the magazine.

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"This in particular means a lot to me. I spend a little bit of Tanzania each year. We look after quite a few kids in Tanzania as part of the Michael Matthews Foundation and in Tanzania you can find Tanzanite.

"It's the only place in the world you can find it, making it very rare, very special. I bought that stone a few years ago with the expressed intent of giving it to my wife one day so here we are."


The former Made In Chelsea star also admitted that Vogue was doing more than him at the moment, though he said he does his best to support her.

"I'm particularly proud of Mummy though because Mummy has to breastfeed and she's awake more than me," he continued.

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"There's not much to do at the start for dads," Vogue added, "so Spencer burps, he changes, picks his outfit every day and wakes him up - that's his job because we have him on a schedule during the day so he sleeps better at night."

Vogue is taking to motherhood like a duck to water and said that Theodore has "just slotted into our lives perfectly."

"I miss him when he's asleep and I find myself looking at pictures of him when he's in his crib, which is a bit sad," she said.

"I didn't think I'd be one of those people but I am. I just think he's so cute."