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Early years

19th May 2019

Teething hell: The best tricks and gadgets to turn that frown upside down

Babyhood: It's not easy.

When teething issues turn your bubbly baby into a dribbling, miserable grump, reach for a tried and tested remedy or a cult toy to soothe away the pain.

We round up the best options, old and new:

Water relief


Half-fill a baby bottle with water, screw on the top with teat, then place upside down in the freezer. The water in the teat will freeze and baby can chew on it without swallowing the ice inside. The same trick works with a dummy.

Sophie Giraffe


The first teething ring made of 100% natural rubber, Sophie Giraffe is almost an institution. Great for little hands to hold and features a variety of textures to relieve baby at different stages of teething. The process of creating her involves more than 14 manual operations and is still a secret, jealously guarded by the company.


Do the twist


Sometimes the old tricks are the best: take a clean cloth, run it under the tap, squeeze it out and spread it with a tablespoon of apple sauce. Roll up the cloth and twist, then pop it in the freezer for and hour or so. The resulting frozen twist might look basic, but baby will love the cool sensation and the sweet taste.

 The Molar Muncher

molar muncher

The Molar Muncher is a hands‐free teether that soothes the entire gum line simultaneously. The soft U‐shaped tab that goes into the mouth reaches all the way back to the molars. Made in the US, the Molar Muncher is available from Amazon.

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