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Early years

08th Sep 2021

The reason babies usually say ‘dada’ first is actually a good thing for mums

Isn’t it always the way?

I’m not saying that dads don’t pull their weight… but seriously?

Morning sickness, back pain, needing to pee constantly, topped off with painful contractions and childbirth, and yet when it comes to baby’s first words, we rarely get a look in.

It’s always ‘dada’.

This was the case with both of my kids and the same for a lot of mums that I know.

Even my own mum complained that after a stressful pregnancy and an emergency section, all I was bothered saying was ‘dada’.

It’s just not fair, is it?

But one reason why babies tend to call for their dads first is because of how close they are to their mothers.

Sounds complicated? Bear with us…

Babies who feel connected and bonded with their mums usually don’t bother calling because they know that she is always around.

I’ve noticed this myself with my own daughter. She’s managed to say several words, including her brother’s name, which is much more difficult to say than mama.

One of the few times she actually called out for me was when she woke up from a nightmare and couldn’t see me straight away.

She’s very much a mummy’s girl, so I think this theory may be in the right ball park.

So there you have it, mums.

We are not an afterthought when it comes to our babies, it might actually mean we’ve made them feel so safe and secure around us, they don’t need to call for us.

I’m going to be honest though, it would still be nice to hear the odd ‘mama’ from time to time.

Did your child say ‘dada’ first or did they have a different first word?