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Early years

13th Jun 2019

There’s a really interesting reason why your baby says ‘Dada’ before ‘Mama’

Jade Hayden

babies born in June

Haven’t you always wondered?

There are plenty of things children do during their first year on this earth.

They might crawl. They might sit up. They might even walk around the place depending how advanced they are.

Chances are another thing your child will do is utter their first word – and, if there’s a dad around the house, chances are that first word might just be ‘dada.’

Why is that? we aways wondering, confused as to why our newborn child seems to be bonding with their father more than their mother.

As it turns out though, that isn’t the reason at all.

Most people assume that babies say ‘dada’ first because D words are easier to say than M words, but that isn’t the rational behind it either.

According to Motherly, it’s actually because the dad is usually the first thing that the baby recognises outside of itself – and seeing as the baby is so close to its mother, the baby isn’t so easily to decipher between itself and its mum.

Make sense? It should.

So while many new mothers worry that their newborn is bonding with the father faster, this generally isn’t the case at all.

It’s more than the baby just can’t figure out that you’re a separate person to them yet.

Kind of adorable, right?


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