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Early years

22nd Nov 2019

‘The tree is up’ – Stacey Solomon posts adorable photo to mark Rex’s first Christmas

Melissa Carton

He looks so cute!

There is nothing more exciting as your baby’s first milestones.

The first time they crawl, their first word, their first step.

One big first is of course baby’s first Christmas and it’s an occasion all parents want to mark and make as special as possible.

TV personality Stacey Solomon is among the many parents this year celebrating their baby’s first Christmas and she’s so excited that she already has her tree up!

Stacey posted a really sweet mother and son photo of herself and Rex standing by their Christmas tree today and they couldn’t look happier.

“The tree is up. I couldn’t wait any longer. Sorry to anyone who thinks it’s far too early but I just had to put the tree up today.

It’s Rex’s first Christmas and I want it to last as long as possible! Rex thinks it’s wonderful, he’s had a sensory OVERLOAD today and keeps chuckling at it. I love this time of year sooooo much and I am so glad I get to stare at this for the next 6 weeks .”

Even though most of Stacey’s fans thought her excitement was justified her fellow Loose Women panelist Kaye Adams had a different opinion.

Now I’m usually one of those people who thinks that the Christmas tree should be kept in the attic until December rolls around but I think for baby’s first Christmas exceptions can be made.

Just look at how happy little Rex is beside it, how could you take it back down?