#Hack: Turning baby vests upside down has made my laundry load so much easier 1 year ago

#Hack: Turning baby vests upside down has made my laundry load so much easier

How have I never thought of doing these things before?

I've had two children and about one million baby vests.

Washing all of them is enough of a pain but when it comes to getting them dry and keeping them stored in a manageable way forget about it.

That was until I came across these two hacks which are actually really handy.

Even though this first hack was posted a year ago it only popped up in my homefeed recently and it's so simple but so clever.

The photo shows baby vests hanging upside down and secured by their clasp and I still can't wrap my mind around how I didn't know this before today.

It's got me thinking of all the money I could have saved not buying pegs.


I find I have a never-ending pile of laundry in my house so, in my opinion, the more ways I can find of hanging up clothes to dry, the better.

Another handy hack was this one where you can store (or even dry) your baby vests in an easy to grab way.

I don't know how many times I've been rooting through drawers looking for a vest and can not for my life locate one among the myriad of baby clothes.

Then of course when you do find one it's the wrong size.

To make this hack even better you can mark the hanger with sizes so you'll also know that you are reaching for the right vest size especially if you have multiple small children.