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Early years

30th Sep 2020

This video answers the question of ‘what do new mums do all day’

Melissa Carton

It’s the question all mums have heard at some stage – what do you do all day?

I had several people ask me this in a tone that would suggest I did nothing all day but sit around watching TV and eating chocolate.

Nothing could be further from the truth and even though some days the washing didn’t get done or I looked like I hadn’t put a brush through my hair (which I hadn’t), I still spent that day constantly doing things for my baby.

If you’re a mum who has ever been made feel like you do ‘nothing’ all day then you have to watch this heart-warming video.

This touching video posted by Motherly shows the reality of being a mum with a new baby.

It shows the ‘nothing’ that mums do on a daily basis and ends with a very important message to any mum that feels like she isn’t doing enough;

“There is no greater task than the ‘nothing’ you did today.”

The video has been shared over 22,000 times since it was originally posted and hopefully it will continue to be shared on to even more mums so they know how important the work they do every day really is.