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24th Jan 2021

WaterWipes – the world purest baby wipe – announce they are now also completly biodegradable

Trine Jensen-Burke


Baby wipes have – up until now – been considered to be a real environmental baddie.

However, BabyWipes, which are already considered the world’s purest baby wipe, has now taken their commitment to the environment and sustainability one step further and launched baby wipes that are completely biodegradable, compostable and entirely plastic-free.

Made from 100 percent viscose, which is a renewable, plant-based material containing zero plastic, WaterWipes remain the world’s purest made with only two ingredients, 99.9 percent water and a drop of fruit extract, which is an impressive feat.

What does biodegradable mean?

We are all familiar with the term biodegradable – but what does it actually mean? The team from WaterWipes answer:

“When a substance or object is biodegradable, it can be broken down naturally by temperature, sunlight or microorganisms such as bacteria. This means it won’t clog up landfill forever.

For a product to be certified biodegradable, it must decompose into natural elements within a reasonably short period of time – typically under a year.”

However, even biodegradable baby wipes should not be flushed down the toilet, as they take a long time to decompose in a sewerage system environment and consequently clog up pipes and machinery. They are also harmful to wildlife, who often mistake them for food.

Biodegradable products are designed to break down on landfill, so should be disposed of with your general household rubbish.