'So yeah, I had a lockdown baby':Millie Mackintosh opens up about motherhood 1 year ago

'So yeah, I had a lockdown baby':Millie Mackintosh opens up about motherhood

It's not easy being a new mum, especially during lockdown.

All during her pregnancy Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has been incredibly honest about her journey, so it's no surprise that she's also candid about new motherhood.

Becoming a new mum comes with all types of stress but for mums giving birth during lockdown it can be even more overwhelming as Millie found out.

Speaking during an Instagram Live hosted on the WaterWipes Instagram channel, Millie joined Irish dermatologist Dr Niki Ralph to talk about skincare for babies and how becoming a mum in lockdown has changed her perception of parenthood.

"So yeah, I had a lockdown baby, which was something you are going to tell them when they are older. So do you know what for me, I found, yes it was scary and was unsettling, but the positive I took from it is spending a lot more time at home, as with my husband, and taking that time to bond and connect."

Going on to speaking about her daughter Sienna’s hip dysplasia, Millie said:


"Now the shocks worn off, babies are incredible at adapting. It's been one of the hardest things we’ve overcome as a parent. Sienna has already adapted, harder for the parents to adapt. Sienna is able to take off her harness once a day. We’ve been using cotton wool and water to clean her but what I found is that it was leaving a cotton residue on her skin so they’ve (WaterWipes) been a big help especially in the heat, keeping her cool as well and refreshing her."

During the interview Millie and Dr Ralph chatted about handy parenting tips including keeping baby wipes in the fringe during hot weather to keep babies cool. Noted!

Ultimately Millie's top parenting tip is one we've all heard but it's honestly the truth;

"Sleep when your baby sleeps, that saved me in the first couple of weeks. Make sure to nap in the day, when they baby is napping. You catch up that way and its less brutal when you’re up throughout the night feeding."