4 simple ways to keep the kids entertained when travelling through an airport 2 years ago

4 simple ways to keep the kids entertained when travelling through an airport

Travelling abroad with your family is a lovely experience - until the boredom and bickering kicks in.

Luckily, Cathy Burke, General Manager of independent travel company Travel Counsellors Ireland shared the very best tricks to have up your sleeve to help keep everyone entertained while on the go this summer.

Talk to your kids

This may seem really simple and sort of obvious but talk to your kids. Talk to them about the process of going through the airport. Tell them what happens when your bags go through security. Talk to your kids about where the airplanes are all from and where they could be going. Let your kids ask questions – it will make them feel more prepared as well as teach them something new.

While on the plane, you can talk to them about your destination. Let them know the history of the place and all the different foods they eat.

Be prepared

When you get tired of talking, or the kids get sick of listening, pull out the old reliable tricks. Don’t forget to pack their favourite toy or their favourite book. If you really want to treat your kids, why not pack some brand-new small toys, but keep them secret until it’s time for a surprise. A fresh toy or book every two hours will keep them entertained and excited.

Being prepared also means booking the right flight to suit your family. If it is long-haul, we at Travel Counsellors, would recommend booking an overnight flight, this way your kids will have an easier time falling asleep.


Screen time

We all like to think we keep screen time to a minimum, but don’t rule it out completely when travelling. Sometimes, the digital nanny can be your saviour.

Make sure to download your kid’s favourite programmes and movies before travelling so there is no issue with needing internet connections. Be sure you have your tablets and screens fully charged before leaving the house. You don’t want the disaster of it cutting out right before take-off.

Pull out the snacks

Sometimes food is the answer to everything, so be sure to pack a mix of savoury treats and healthy snacks. This is will benefit the kids and your pocket.

Beware though to try and stick to savoury snacks – too much sugar can cause over-excitement and can lead to a sugar crash, so try to keep it balanced.