Avoid the "are we there yets" in the car this Bank Holiday Monday 5 years ago

Avoid the "are we there yets" in the car this Bank Holiday Monday

Are you heading back home in the car with the kids today? Dreading the cooped-up crankiness and endless "are we there yets"?

Here are 10 ways to make the car journey a little less tedious. And remember mamas: It's not the destination, it's the journey...

1. The 'Find It' game

If things are getting a little fraught and there's forty minutes until the next toilet stop, this 'find it' game can be made in advance and is great for refocusing and calming fractious smallies in the back seat.


From Lady Behind the Curtain

2. Car fishing

Cut lots of fish out of brightly coloured felt and draw on the eyes and mouth. Glue a paperclip to the back of each fish.

Glue pieces of string to small magnets. Scatter the little fish on the floor of the back seat and let them "go fishin'"!



From DIY Home Sweet Home

3. Chalk and magnet fun

This is a great way for them to be creative while also keeping the mess contained.


From Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

4. Portable Lego kit

Does exactly what it says on the tin...!



From Mommo Design

5. Driving DaVincis

Kids want to draw on stuff. Give them what they want with this clever dry-wipe marker and mitten combo to decorate the car windows.


From Kiwi Crate

6. And never leave home without...calming bottles!

These cool sensory toys are like little portable lava lamps. They're fun to make and they are great for calming tantrums.



From Mess for Less

7iPad Holder

These iPad holders let the kids watch movies on the iPad – without all the fights over who is going to hold it while they do so. GENIUS.


8. Audiobooks

Whether you all listen to one as a family on the car stereo or set the kids up with headphones and their own books on CD or on a tablet (hello, peace and quiet!) audiobooks are soothing and entertaining in equal measure and a fantastic way to pass the time. For the whole family, try Harry Potter audiobooks, as read by Stephen Fry or Dr. Seuss books read by Dustin Hoffman.


From audioeditions.com

9. Road trip bingo

Pinterest is packed full of great (and free) printables for road trips. There's nothing better than a good old-fashioned competition to get the whole car engaged (and hopefully not fighting!). This game can keep everyone entertained for miles and miles.


10. Group storytime 

One player starts off the story with a 'once upon a time...'. Then each player adds their own part, the sillier the better. This one has the dual benefit of being both engaging and entertaining for the other passengers, helping to pass long journeys.

Safe journey folks!