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24th Jun 2019

Boarding pass hack will turn your phone into a mounted TV during your flight

Melissa Carton

social media, florida

This is such a clever idea.

I find as parents we always come up with the best solutions when we’re at our wit’s end.

This parent certainly did when they thought up this handy hack for anyone flying with small kids using nothing but a boarding pass and their phone.

So clever.

I’ve flown with my kids several times and it hasn’t always gone smoothly.

Last year I was flying back from Portugal with my toddler and she threw a full-blown fit the entire flight back.

It seemed like absolutely nothing would appease her.

Getting to watch a show usually calms her down but as we were flying I couldn’t use the wifi and I hadn’t thought to download a show in advance.

This simple trick paired with a download of your child’s favourite show or movie is the perfect way to keep them contented on flights.

Now all you have to do is buy some popcorn and you’ll really have a mini cinema situation.