Don’t waste money on elaborate holidays your child won’t remember 4 years ago

Don’t waste money on elaborate holidays your child won’t remember

Bringing a toddler to Disneyland is beyond ridiculous.

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I said before I became a parent.

Yes, I'll admit to absolute hypocrisy on this issue. Before becoming a mum, the very idea of parents spending thousands on a theme park holiday that their young child wouldn't even remember left me horrified. However, after I had my first, I just couldn't contain my excitement and once he could barely wobble by himself off we went to a certain Parisian resort, complete with mouse ears.

Of course, my pre-parent feelings on the subject were entirely accurate. He doesn't remember it. He was too small to go on 90 percent of the rides. He was terrified of the giant waving mice and the mute duck. It was a giant waste of money. But we do have some lovely photos and memories.


Three kids later and my thoughts on this have come full circle; I've returned to thinking that such holidays are a complete waste of money, time and resources.

Save yourself the unnecessary stress of a long-haul flight with a small child and take the photos on a carousel at your local fairground. Save the money you would have spent on €18 flashing toy pirate swords, five star accommodation and food, and spend a long weekend in Kerry. Save the extravagance for an older kid who knows what the hell is going on and can re-tell the tale when they get back home.

If you're reading this hard-learned advice, but still secretly yearning to go, then I will concede this: not every experience has to be remembered to be worthwhile. Your little person won't necessarily experience it the way in which such resorts intend, but they will experience it nevertheless.

And if, unlike me, you are prepared to admit that you're actually going for yourself (I was in denial), then absolutely go for it. At the very least the pictures of your crying, half-petrified two-year-old being held by a zombified character will be comedy gold in the family album.