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10th Jan 2020

Elbowroom Escape is running a special getaway for mums and we’re going

Melissa Carton

Pack your bags ladies!

Some times as an adult I find myself really missing things like sleepovers. Just handing around with a big group of the girls, eating our favourite treats and chatting till the wee hours of the morning.

With a lot of my female friends now mothers too it’s gotten me thinking that we really deserve a little break away to unwind. No kids, no partners, just the girls.

From looking around myself I’ve found that it can be tricky sometimes to find the right package but The Elbowroom Escape have one that’s as close as it comes to perfect.

Mums availing of the Elbowroom Escape’s mum’s getaway package can enjoy an overnight stay in their elegant mountain lodge with slow flow yoga class suitable for all levels.

There will also be a deliciously wholesome evening meal and a nourishing breakfast the next morning.

Did we also mention that there will be some hot tub chilling with a tall glass of G&T? Why am I not already there?

Between work and looking after the kids you can feel pretty drained but I think between the yoga and the hot tub this little vacation will have you perked up again.

This amazing overnight stay takes place on Friday, February 21 but make sure to book quickly as places are expected to fill up quickly.

You can find out more information or book a mum’s getaway stay for you and your friends by contacting Amanda at the Elbowroom Escape on [email protected]. You can also get in touch by phone on +353 831832013.

If you can’t make this mum’s getaway don’t be too sad as Elbowroom Escape regularly run events so keep an eye out on their social media as you never know they may have even more mammy break away deals coming up.