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11th Jul 2015

Fly to Greece… for a FIVER (for two weeks only)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

If you held off on booking this year’s sun holiday because funds were tight, you could be in luck: Ryanair is offering flights to Greece for less than a FIVER.

As part of a “Keep Greece Flying” campaign launched in the wake of the economic crisis, the budget airline is cutting Greek domestic fares to €4.99 for two weeks (travel from Monday, July 13 until Sunday, July 26).

Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien, confirmed: “We are also cutting 30 per cent off our fares on international routes to/from Greece, for travel from Monday 13th July until the end of October. These sale fares are available for booking for one week on the website (ending on Friday, 17th July).

The weather in Athens is a scorching 32 degrees today, so don’t forget the sun factor. Visitors to Greece should also be aware of the possibility that banking services – including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs – throughout Greece could potentially become limited at short notice. At present Irish visitors should be able to use ATMs as normal as long as the ATM has been replenished. Credit/debit cards are not widely acceptable as a form of payment on many Greek islands so take cash to cover the duration of your stay.

For more advice visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website.