Flying abroad? 10 great toys to keep the kids occupied for the entire flight 4 years ago

Flying abroad? 10 great toys to keep the kids occupied for the entire flight

Traveling with kids in tow can be tough.

And if you’re flying for the first time with a baby, toddler, or kid (or some combination of those!), the very idea can feel really daunting.

You are trying to stay organised, sane, keep everyone happy (including yourself and your fellow passangers) – no wonder you are feeling a little anxious about the whole travel thing, mama.

However, a clverly packed hand-luggage can make life a lot easier.

Due to a combination of living in a different country than my own family, working as a freelance journalist for a varity of Norwegian magazines for years (while living here), and a good few holidays and leisure travels thrown in, I have travelled with kids a lot. As in; combined, my own two kids have undertaken over 200 flights and so I must admit, at this stage, I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to flying with kids and babies.

Listen to me:

The key to traveling with kids, and my VERY BEST advice, is to be prepared.

Personally, I have a very strict policy on screen time, but I do own an iPad, and on long-haul flights is pretty much the only time I allow it to be charged and used. And let's be honest – for these situations, tablets can be a total godsend.

But before reaching for the iPad, I always have a few tricks up my sleeve. And by tricks I mean activities that are lightweight, easy to travel with, mess free, quiet and simple.


These 10 are great, and will no doubt keep your little ones busy (and keep you from going slowly insane):

1. Trolls Magic Ink Colouring Book

The mess-free magic ink marker will reveal a rainbow of colours on the 24 pages of games and activities in a size that's perfect for travel.

£19, Amazon





2.  Top Trumps Quiz - Disney

Test the family's knowledge of all things Disney.


3. Spirograph Travel

Create countless amazing designs on the go with the classic Travel Spirograph.

£9.05, Amazon


4. Geomag

22 pieces and endless possibilities, this set is bound to keep them occupied for hours.

€12, Debenhams

5. Personalised My Quiet Book

Keep little ones busy and happy for hours with this fun and educational fabric book that stimulates interactive play including buttons to button, textures to touch, zips to zip.

£35, Not on the High Street


6. Crayola Shopkins Colour Wonder

Perfect for using on the go, Color Wonder marker ink appears only on Color Wonder paper; and not on skin, furniture or fabric.

£7.34, Amazon

7. Scratch & Sketch Dinosaurs

This fascinating kids’ book includes a stylus to scratch and draw in this cool activity book. Featuring step-by-step instructions to help younger children and an engaging storyline to keep them interested, this book is both educational and fun.

€8.25, M&S


8. TopModel T-Shirt Designer Colouring Book

Little ones will love to explore, create and express their love for colouring and fashion with this fun book.

€8.95, Easons

9. Julia Donaldson’s Songbirds Alphabet Games

Coming with 55 cards and games for children practising letters and sounds, these alphabet games are great for ages 3-5.

€8.25, M&S

10. Activity Book - Meet My Friends

This fun activity book with a striking black and white design, will keep your youngest travellers entertained for ages. With pops colour, adorable illustrations, plus hidden crinkle and squeaker noises and a teething ring, you'll no doubt reach for this book again and again.

€12.80, Mamas & Papas