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04th Mar 2020

Flying with kids: The genius device every parent should invest in before booking that holiday

This might just make long-haul flights a lot less stressful.
flying with kids

Dreaming of a far-flung holiday, but worried about the long-haul flight with your kids in tow?

Well, this might be the news you have been waiting for, parents.

Because an Australian company has now invented a device that could very well spell the end of screaming, restless kids on long flights.

Say hello to Fly LegsUp – the nifty little gadget that will basically transform any plane seat into a hammock.

Yup, that’s right – for £45, this genius little lifesaver can also double as a leg rest for adults (perfect for keeping your legs elevated) or a safety net to keep toys tidy while onboard.

How it works? You simply hook the Fly LegsUp onto your (or your kid’s) fold-down tray, then extend it to create the effect of a lie-flat bed. Meaning, of course, no more trying to balance a sleeping child’s head in your lap while you are eating your in-flight dinner with one hand.

Oh, and did we mention the device comes complete with a large inflatable pillow, two smaller cushions and a travel bag too?

This is what one happy customer had to say:

‘I recently did a trip from Sydney to Abu Dhabi with my 14mth old son Freddy,’ the women, called Brionee, said on the site’s official product page.

‘I honestly thought it would be the most horrid flight ever – how wrong I was. The kids Fly LegsUp saved my life. It’s such an awesome product and works amazingly to create a cot flat/but comfy feel.

‘Freddy slept most of the way, then played with his cars for the remainder of the flight in it. Thanks guys. Here is gorgeous Freddy – loving his big boy seat/bed. Seriously best product ever!’