Google Maps hacks to find kid-friendly spots on your road trip 1 year ago

Google Maps hacks to find kid-friendly spots on your road trip

Such a great tip!

With the school holidays here and the travel restrictions finally lifted, a lot of us are planning road trips this summer.

Having two children, whom I've brought on many road trips over the years, I'm always wary of making sure there are kid-friendly spots to stop along the way.

Sometimes it can be tricky as Googling the route you're taking will often times only show you the big attractions but not things like playgrounds.

Recently though, I've discovered that there is a way to get Google Maps to show you all the kid-friendly spots along your road trip route and it's so simple.

children in Ireland

If you're using Google Maps to help direct you from A to B on your road trip you can get it to show you o much more along your route than you might think.

When using the Maps app type in your route to Google Maps and then press "start" as though you're driving.


After you've done this then press the magnifying glass that will let you type in words like 'playground' and then press "search along route".

This will bring up all playgrounds that you will come close to along your journey.

I really don't know how I didn't know about this sooner but I'm so glad I do now!

It can also help you find kid-friendly places to eat, beaches that visitors might not know about, shops where you can pick up things like nappies and so much more.

It's a really simple hack and as a parent can mean the difference between a happy trip or a temper tantrum situation.

I have a couple of staycations booked for over the summer so I will definitely be using this hack to keep the kids (and of course me) sane during our journeys.