Heading to Cork soon? There is a new cocktail in town and we predict a stampede 5 years ago

Heading to Cork soon? There is a new cocktail in town and we predict a stampede

A Cork mixologist has just created a drink that is set to become the official tipple of the Rebel County.

The Roy Keane was debuted at the launch of Cork's newest bar and eatery Cask on Mac Curtain Street.

Just like its namesake, it's a prickly drink of extreme complexity. Inventor, Cask Bar Manager Andy Ferreira explains:

"... it's got a strong character, a killer finish and shows no mercy in its relentless pursuit of perfection. The tough streets of Mayfield are at its heart! Cotton Ball Brewing Company Indian Summer IPA is shaken with a whole passion fruit, banana liqueur, Tanqueray Gin and Blackwater Distillery Juniper Cask Gin.

"To soften it out we add of scoop of West Cork Vanilla ice cream to the mix and ('cos it's not quite sharp toungued enough) we also add some Aperol. It's finished with a dash of Guelder Rose Tincture. Far from a flower, this a sour little berry with a vicious kick!"

Served in a glass milk bottle, it comes complete with red and white straws and a Roy Keane flag bearing the words 'It's always Cork first and Ireland second'.

Ferreira, who first hit the headlines as the creator of “The Mai Tai Baiii” (a tasty blend of pineapple infused Bacardi, Bacardi 8yr, Wray and Nephews Over Proof Rum, Cointreau, Barry’s Tea Orgeat syrup, lime, aromatic bitters, Tanora reduction and a lash of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum) for Bar Pigalle, says the cocktail is quickly becoming a tourist experience.


In case you missed it, here's what the Mar Tai Baiii looked like...

Other pure Cork options on the menu include the Katty Barry (gorse flower infused with Bombay, woodruff, Irish pears and Prosecco) and the Farran Woods (Irish spruce infused Belvedere, nettle cordial, lime, raspberry, Angostura bitters and ginger beer).

If you'd like to sample a Roy Keane (and let's be honest, who wouldn't?), get in there quick: it'll only be on the menu until April.