Here’s how to plan a family holiday without spending a fortune 10 months ago

Here’s how to plan a family holiday without spending a fortune

There's nothing better than having a break away with the family but sometimes it can be expensive.

Between flights, accommodation and sightseeing you can find your wallet feeling pretty slim far too quickly.

There are ways to help save on costs when it comes to family holidays and it's a lot more simple than you might think.

Below are some of our tips on how to enjoy a trip away with the kids without breaking the bank.

Book early

The earlier you book that getaway, the better. You'll get plenty at a much better price. Flights in particular are best to book far in advance so that you're not paying more than you need to.

Keep an eye on the sales

Airlines often have fantastic sales on flights to a variety of destinations and they're well worth keeping an eye out for.


Self catering

If possible, book self catering accommodation. Booking an apartment or house for your stay that allows you to make your own food means you'll save a lot of money on eating out.

Come prepared

Make sure you bring everything you need because you never know how much it will cost when you're abroad. Essentials like nappies can be quite a bit more expensive in other countries, so make sure you have everything that you will need before you leave.

Find the freebies

Look out for free things to do where you are staying. A lot of towns and cities will have free events listed on their travel websites or in local newspapers and they could save you a small fortune in ticket prices.