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20th May 2015

In-flight beauty routine: 7 tips for a smoother and more refreshing journey

Sive O'Brien

A combination of cabin pressure, crappy food and sitting in one place for an extended period of time can leave you feeling and looking a little worse for wear after a long flight.

If you’re going abroad soon, try upgrading your in-flight beauty regime with these seven top tips, which will help you arrive feeling more revived than wrecked.

1. Moisturise

Leave the lotion and opt for a heavier moisturiser than usual. Slathering your face and body the night before jetting off will increase hydration and help prevent flaky skin.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the night before taking a flight will help your skin absorb any moisturiser that you apply on the plane, quicker and easier.

3. Volumise

Avoid in-flight flat hair by preparing in advance and applying a volumising product after washing your locks.

4. Relax and uplift

Rub a couple of drops of essential lavender oil in your palms for a spot of uplifting aromatherapy; or, dab on the temples to help you relax on the flight.

5. Quality ZZZs

If you want the chance to get some quality sleep, you’ll need to block out the bright lights and incessant droning sound with an eye mask and ear plugs.

6. Feet first

Slather your feet in cream and pop on a pair of comfy socks to stay warm AND receive a hydrating foot treatment for beach-ready toes.

7. Detoxify and rejuvenate

Use a clay face mask after the flight to detoxify the skin and help clear pores and detoxify the skin. A ready-made rejuvenating face mask will help brighten tired skin.


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