I've hit the point where I'd rather travel for my child's birthday than organise a party 2 years ago

I've hit the point where I'd rather travel for my child's birthday than organise a party

Anyone else?

For the last eight years I've always thrown a birthday party for my son on his birthday. He's always had one.

In one regard I like throwing them as it's a chance for family to get together but at the same time I'm also getting to a point where I'm kind of done with them.

Honestly I'd much rather bring my child on a little trip away then throw him a birthday party this year.

My kids have been travelling in Ireland and abroad since they were less than a year old and they love it.

We're a travel bug kind of family so it really wouldn't be out of character for us to take a break away for occasions like birthdays.


In fact for my 30th last year we travelled as a family to Italy and it was one of the best birthdays that I've ever had.

It might seem like I'm being a curmudgeon who doesn't like birthday parties, I'm not. It's more that I come from a huge family and there's a birthday party almost every week especially in months like September and December.

My son's birthday also lands in May so even if it's just a short break to another part of Ireland we'll more than likely get good weather and well it'll just be something different than sitting in the kitchen eating cake.

I follow a lot of parenting travel bloggers and their kids always seem incredibly happy and I feel like getting to experience so many different cultures and places helps create happy children.

Saying all this I know my son has plans to invite his new friends (he started a new school in September) to our house for his birthday so I might just have to keep my travel idea for his next birthday and do a long run up.