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15th May 2019

Kerry hotel added to one of the most prestigious list of resorts in the world

There are less than 100 properties on the entire list.

As if we needed another reason to visit Kerry?

Not only is it well-known as one of the most beautiful parts of the world, it has turned into a hot-spot for extremely high-end, opulent hotels.

The kind of places that make you feel fancy just by strolling through the lobby.

And nowhere in Kerry is that more true than in the Europe Hotel in Killarney, which has just been added to the highly prestigious Preferred Hotels & Resorts Legend Collection.

That collection features fewer than 100 hotels from around the world, and each of them must meet a certain standard of excellence to get on the list in the first place, including being named on the World’s Best lists from all of the top travel publications and an agreement from the Preferred travel agent advisory board.

Michael Brennan, Managing Director of Killarney Hotels said “We were thrilled to receive the news that we are an approved member of the ‘Legend’ Collection of Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties. We are immensely proud of this honour, and amongst the incredible company of less than 100 hotels worldwide.

“It is a testament to our exceptional team who are always striving to deliver excellence, and in particular to the Liebherr Family for the dedication, commitment and continuous investment in The Europe Hotel & Resort, and Killarney Hotels Ltd.”